Forward Drive 4.0

Spotting the next wave of digitization trends and delivering solutions to help clients power up their returns on innovations.

Our Team & Vision

Our experience in large scale projects and enterprise network and system implementation and management drives a Visionary Approach to our team organizational setup and lines of business.

We are the Scientists who drive high performance to your Application Backend Infrastructure using Intelligent Data Analytics.


Incorporated in 2010. Spin-off Company from Embeyond that is a S$40 mil company started in 2003.


Embrio thrives in enterprise projects and also creates hi-tech solutions. Embrioents have many years of Industrial Experience in Managed Services, Digital Innovations and Products Distribution.


Embrio models itself against Top 10 Technology Consultancy Firms and strives to be a Leader in Digital Transformation for Corporations & SMEs.


From 2014 to 2016, Embrio grew from S$1mil to S$10mil in annual revenue. Our staff strength is now >60 region-wide.


Headquartered in Singapore, Embrio has service and sales branches and alliance partners all across Asia. We have a sales rep office in the U.S. too.


Embrio is a Professional Services setup that has various subsidiary companies dealing in: Infocomm Professional Services, Human Resources, Key Technological Products, Turnkey Solutions

Intelligent Community & Infrastructure Management Solutions

Embrio Enterprise Services

Managed Services

Business Process Outsourcing

Applications Health Management & System Analytics


Extra•Ordinary Conversations: Co-Solutioning for an Inclusive Society

Extra•Ordinary Conversations: Co-Solutioning for an Inclusive Society

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Cyber and Data Security Seminar

Cyber and Data Security Seminar

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We are the Experts who automate Monitoring, Protection and Defence to your Digitization Architecture and your Data Warehouse.

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