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What is AnyShare Family 7?

AnyShare Family 7 is a brand-new enterprise content management platform, leveraging AI and cloud computing as the core technological capabilities of the system architecture, dedicated to forging an intelligent content cloud for every organization.

The new features of AnyShare Family 7:

·A productivity platform for digital strategies

·Content-level management for unstructured data

·Data middle platform solution

·On-premise, cloud or hybrid deployments

Digital Asset Management Solution

Unstructured data is the main component of digital assets. It’s ubiquitous, hard to store, and difficult to make long-term retention.
It’s also diversified and not properly utilized.

AnyShare Family 7 can help:

·Make electronic document management to save, search, and transfer mass data

· Integrate unstructured data from various business systems

· Provide cross-platform access to ensure optimum user experience

·Provide document lifecycle management to meet compliance requirements

· Build a document management framework by leveraging TPA delivery methodology

Business Process Automation Solution

During the business process, it’s a great challenge to convert, classify, circulate, and search lots of unstructured data, which is also a barrier to business automation and efficiency.

AnyShare Family 7 can help:

·Identify and automatically convert content through integration with OCR technology

·Automatically classify content by metadata like catalogues, tags, abstracts, and more

·Automatically collect, convert and integrate form content via AutoSheets

·Make precise content search through metadata and full-text retrieval

Empowering Learning Organization Solution

To make efficient collaboration in the digital operation, organizations need to systematically manage a rich trove of knowledge assets. Hence a imperative for any organization to evolve into a learning organization. Now is the time to develop a visionary knowledge management strategy, to upgrade from a document management system to a content management system, and then build an intelligent knowledge operation system.

AnyShare Family 7 can help:

·Provide library and search capability for your business systems

·Establish a global knowledge base and provide intelligent search

·Integrate with your knowledge management system to provide dynamic and self-operated knowledge portal

·Integrate with AnyDATA knowledge graph to jointly create an innovative intelligent knowledge operation system

Business Compliance Management Solution

Business compliance involves law and regulation compliance, industry regulatory compliance, compliant building of internal control systems, and more. Unstructured data poses many management challenges in various levels: data, content, information, and knowledge.

AnyShare Family 7 can help:

·Ensure data security through high-performance backup & recovery and data lifecycle management

·Ensure end-to-end content security around SharedLink from permissions, policies to access audit

·Build in an security engine for illegal content control

·Create a security insight solution on sensitive content together with AnyRobot

How does AnyShare Family 7 implement intelligent content cloud?

The modern system architecture of AnyShare Family 7 is designed for large amounts of data, massive users, and superior digital experience to help all industries meet management challenges of mass unstructured data in the digitized era.

How does the AnyShare differ from the traditional
Enterprise Content Management platforms?

Comparison with traditional enterprise content management solutions

AnyShare Family 7:

·Automation of content management and business process

·High-performance backup, processing, and analysis capabilities

·Flexible containerized deployment

·Leveraging AI to provide content-level analysis and search services

·Open API for easy and simple integration

Traditional enterprise content
management platforms

·Providing transactional content services

·Monolithic infrastructure, difficult to deploy and expand

·Weak in AI capability, unable to provide content insight

·Complex in business integration

Advantages of AnyShare in comparison
with enterprise cloud disk

Comparison with enterprise cloud disk

AnyShare Family 7:

·Platform-level infrastructure product

·Encompassing data of all enterprise applications

·Connecting business and content, getting through business process, depositing digital assets, and tapping into the content value

·Support for an all-dimensional security and compliance management system from access, content to storage

Enterprise Cloud Disk

·Application-level tools

·Focusing on the collaboration efficiency of desktop data

·Service for teamwork and mobile office

·Lack of systematic security control and document management

Why to select AnyShare Family 7?

More Flexible

·Cloud native architecture
·Clustering content lake
·Multi-object storage cluster in
·support of hybrid cloud
·Document domains across multiple networks and organizations

More Agile

·Rich Content Bus API
·Wide platform compatibility
·Flexible deployments and upgrades

Much Smarter

·Intelligent search engine
·Rich content automation capability Detection and control of illegal content
·Real-time analysis architecture of Content Lake

Reduced TCO

·Consistent user experience across all endpoints
·Rich management policies
·Language-independent API and SDK
·Perpetual license, subscription service, public cloud and other hybrid licensing modes

Which product is right for you?

资源 15pic6Enterprise 7Intelligent content management for large organizations

资源 16pic6Express 7Intelligent content management for small and medium organizations

资源 17pic6Managed Cloud 7Content cloud services in joint operation with cloud service providers

资源 2bgAutoSheets 7Form Automation

资源 19pic6NAS Gateway 7NAS Data Migration to Cloud

资源 20pic6VideoHome 7Enterprise-level Content Management

资源 21pic6Cloud 7Content Cloud Services Operated by AISHU

Selecting different licensing modes

Perpetual License

The perpetual license is authorized as per node and user numbers, applicable to large or medium organizations expecting on-premises deployments

·Meeting the requirements of asset purchasing and management

·Applicable products: AnyShare Enterprise 7, AnyShare Express 7

Subscription Service

The subscription service is deployed on the customer’s infrastructure, paid on an annual basis, with full support during the service period.

·Reducing TCO by 15% compared with perpetual license

·Continuous upgrades and support services

·Applicable products: AnyShare Enterprise 7 Software, AnyShare Express 7 Software

Cloud Service

The cloud service is deployed in designated cloud service provider’s environment or in a public cloud operated by AISHU, paid on the usage.

·Simple deployment, pay-as-you-go , out-of-the-box, fast delivery

·Reducing TCO by 20% compared with subscription service

·Applicable products: AnyShare Cloud 7, AnyShare Managed Cloud 7

AnyShare Family 7 Ecosystem, Connecting More Possibilities