Litehaus Inclusive

Product Introduction

Litehaus Inclusive is an integrated Visitor Management System (VMS) with AI thermal scanning and contact tracing features. It is designed and manufactured by Embrio Enterprises in partnership with GovTech and Extra•Ordinary People.

Litehuas Inclusive is powered by SpotOn, a lightweight mobile thermal scanning technology developed by Singapore GovTech’s Smart Nation Platform Solutions team. On top of SpotOn, Embrio integrated our Entrée Visitor Management System (VMS), which allows pre-registration of visitors for swifter and automated check-in, and Sherpa Trek, our IoT edge-based technology for indoor visitor tracking analytics.

Litehaus integrated VMS solution aims to create a seamless, safe and secure entry process for businesses and visitors.

Intelligent AI Face & Mask Detection

Non-contact Temperature Measurement

Automatic Fever Alarm and Email Notification

Realtime Infrared Thermal Image Display

Integrated & Thematic Visitor Management System

Guests Registration, People Counting & Crowd Control

Seamless Check-in with Advanced Analytics

For Multiple Events & Occasions

Why Litehaus INCLUSIVE?

  • High tech solution developed in partnership with GovTech.
  • Scan up to 10 persons at one go with mask and fever detection.
  • Slick & portable design for easy and fast deployment.
  • All-in-ones solution, No need for laptop.
  • Seamless check-in with advanced analytics – Advanced models come with added features like auto check-in, real-time visitors analytics, capacity management and contact tracing.
  • Central dashboard with multiple-device link-up.
  • Integrated and thematic VMS system for multiple events & occasions e.g. events check-in & payments, guests registration, people counting and crowd control.
Litehaus demo process

Application Scenarios



Shopping Malls



MRT Stations

Inclusive Employment2

Inclusive Employment :

Litehaus Inclusive supports Inclusive Employment practices by training and employing individuals with special needs and disadvantaged individuals in the manufacturing and assembly process.
Inclusive Employment

Litehaus Inclusive Packages Comparison

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*1 Year subscription

Entrée Themes

Typical User Flow with Litehaus Inclusive


General Dimension (LxBxH) 18cm x 15cm x 169cm
Net Weight 10kg
Optimum Operating Temperature Range -10˚ to + 65˚C
Thermal Camera Sensor Uncooled VOx Microbolometer
Max Resolution 160 x 120 Pixels
Spectrum Longwave Infrared, 8 μm to 14 μm
Thermal Sensitivity <50 mK (0.050° C)
Field of View H: 57°, V: 71°
RGB Camera Image Sensor CMOS RGB Sensor
Effective Resolution 1280 x 720 Pixels
Pixel 1MP
Field of View H: 69.4°, V: 42.5°
Measurement Accuracy +/- 0.5°C
Accurate Distance 1 - 2m
Abnormal Alarm Above 37.5°C

Media Reports

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GovTech has created SPOTON, a crowd thermal-sensing solution enhanced with AI and built with low cost, off-the-shelf hardware components, to facilitate quick, effective, crowd temperature screening in busy public spaces and government buildings. It is inspired by various technological advances in recent years in AI in both facial detection and thermal-sensing software, leading to accuracies of within 0.2 °C,150 and driven by the need for a low-cost solution…
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