As companies embark on digital transformation, threats from cyber attacks will become more challenging. The explosion of internet connectivity and the increase in the number of internet connected devices, including a large number of unregulated social media channels have enabled cyber criminals to exploit organisations. Against this backdrop, governments have stepped up regulations on data protection and privacy with laws like PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) costing millions of dollars in fines for offending companies.

In Singapore, many small and large companies have fallen prey to cyber attacks and data leaks.They lack knowledge in cyber security protection and are living under the false assurances that basic anti-virus protection is sufficient. Although companies are keeping themselves updated with compliance and regulatory requirements, their current protection and incidence response capabilities remain behind the curve.

Embrio’s Solution

Embrio adopts a practical, systematic and cost-effective approach in implementing cyber defences for our clients. Depending on the needs and the criticalness of your operations, clients can decide on the types of solutions from our specialised packages. We also offer more advanced and bespoke solutions for clients with more critical and large scale business operations.

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