Secure Multi CDN Solution

Embrio (together with Toffs and CDNetworks in the same consortium) was awarded the bulk tender for supply of DDoS Mitigation Solution (GVT (T) 16015) to Singapore government in October 2017 and will provide this service to some government agencies for at least 3 years.

We offer the Toffs Secured Multi CDN solution leveraging the combined strength of CDNetworks, Radware and Toffs/Cedexis, and provide you with a 100% SLA guarantee during a DDoS attack by providing high availability to prevent any data theft and cyber-attacks against your data center.

The secured Multi-CDN platform is architected with 2 Tier WAF structure based on Toffs / CDnetworks WAF and Radware Cloud WAF. WAF rules are designed to be used as part of in depth solution to help protect web applications against threats in the OWASP Top 10.

Our Unique Value Proposition:
1. The only multi-layered DMS solution including 100% guaranteed SLA and more than 5 Tbps to mitigate volumetric attacks.
2. Dual WAF strategy at CDN edge servers (Singapore & worldwide) and Super PoP in Singapore (Zero day attacks).
3. 24x7x365 professional cyber security threat monitoring.
4. Lowest cost of investment in the Bulk Tender and rapid deployment with ability to integrate to your existing DMS to ensure no adverse impact of cutover.