Blockchain is a continuously growing list of linked and secured blocks which are inherently resistant to modification of the data. It offers many advantages as compared to other databases and has a decentralised structure with no single point of failure and the data stored on the blockchain is completely tamper proof. Data once stored on a blockchain will always be stored there and all the details of transfer and storage are visible to everyone connected to the network and to anyone not connected to the network who wishes to verify such details.There are generally three categories of blockchain-like database applications: public blockchain, private blockchain and permissioned blockchain. Embrio provides services based on the private blockchain.

Comparing to a fully public and uncontrolled network, private blockchain is a system where access permissions are more tightly controlled, with rights to modify or even read the blockchain state restricted to a few users, while still maintaining many kinds of partial guarantees of authenticity and decentralization that blockchains provide.